Horse of the Year 2019


Horse 1.15m ESNZ Equitation Medal Annex 6.3 (Fiber Fresh Arena Two)

Pony 1.10m A5 Art 238.2.2 245.3 (Fiber Fresh Arena Two) 


Ridden Pinto Horse (Pologrounds)


Cat A and some Cat C Pony Showhunter (AM show hunter)

Paced & Mannered Park Hack (Showing Ring 1)

Rising Star Riding Horse of the Year (Showing Ring 1)

Sidesaddle (Pologrounds)


Nga Tawa School Level 4 Pony Musical Freestyle (Dressage Oval)

Pryde’s Easifeed Level 6 Musical Freestyle 

Whopper Six Bar Challenge


Show Pony of the Year over 128cm & not exceeding 138cm

Show Pony of the Year over 138cm & not exceeding 148cm

Cross Country (Main arena jumps only, discounted price $25)

Farmlands Pony of the Year 1.25-1.35m


Junior Rider of the Year 12-14 Years (Showing Arena 2)

Junior Rider of the Year 15 & 16 Years (Showing Arena 2)

Champion Pleasure Horse Individual Workouts (Pologrounds)

Champion Pleasure Pony Individual Workouts – first few combinations (Pologrounds)